We are the loneliest society there has ever been.
— Johann Hari, author of Lost Connections

While technology can connect us across oceans, we’re losing sight of what it means to have a conversation with a friend who truly knows us. 

FaceTime aims to create moments of togetherness; a reminder of what it’s like to make eye contact, to feel a genuine smile, face to face. Life lived through a screen is almost a facsimile of life, not life itself.

Over a series of Portrait Sittings at Medicine Bakery, Birmingham, photographer Charisse Kenion will work with members of the community to create an exhibition to be displayed at Medicine this December.

To take part in the portrait sessions please click the link below.


Charisse is offering signature portraits as a fundraising effort for the solo exhibition in December. Proceeds will go towards exhibition costs, such as printing, transport, framing and installation. Fees for each portrait will be decided by you and the donation you commit. Your donation reserves your session, after which you will liaise with Charisse to find a time that suits you.

Studio Sessions will take place at Charisse’s home, the address of which will be disclosed at the time of scheduling. The study is on the ground floor which means it is accessible to all.

Due to space restrictions, up to 2 people at one time are permitted to be shot in the studio at one time. Studio Sessions are donation-based, with a minimum of £10pp required to reserve a session. Donate here first, then book your reservation using the link below. Donation is due at the time of the scheduling by credit card or PayPal and is non-refundable. Sessions can be cancelled or rescheduled at any time.

• 20 minute session time
• 2-5 unique edits
• One complimentary Polaroid given at time of session
• Edits delivered within 7 days of shooting

All Studio Sessions are 20 minutes in length and scheduled to give just enough time to transition seamlessly between sessions. Please arrive on time to respect both the photographer’s time and the time of those coming after you. Charisse will only shoot those whose names are on the form during reservation.

Children of all ages are allowed but please reference galleries on this site as a visual style guide to help manage your visual expectations.

During the session, backdrops will be available should you choose to use them. You are welcome to be as creative as you’d like in the time allotted or have Charisse direct you to build something beautifully unique.

Please make a donation to reserve your Studio Session.


*Please note that submitting a preferred date & time does not confirm this specific time slot. Charisse will be in touch to confirm final session times.