Meet beauty entrepreneur Lauren Napier

I can’t lie; the first reason I contacted Lauren Napier was because she has ridiculously good skin. As in, it shouldn’t be allowed. What’s more, her CLEANSE by LAUREN NAPIER luxury face wipe range has topped the must-have lists of many global beauty experts, and this week she’s launching in Australia. So of course I contacted her to talk beauty for my blog,, but I also wanted to know how Lauren became that thing that so many of us want to be: a successful female entrepreneur. Lauren is traveling all over the world right now, so we had a quick chat via email, but there’s a podcast coming soon!

Is there anything such as a 'typical' day for you? 
My day is constant. I have retailers in Russia, Australia, the Middle East and the UK –  so imagine a world clock, with the emails coming in waves. It begins at 5am until about 10am. Around noon things start to settle, until the West Coast of the US starts moving around, so I’m back at it until 10pm or so. Entrepreneurship is not for the weary!  

What's the worst thing you've encountered when it comes to business etiquette?
I think entitlement and laziness would be the worst things I’ve encountered. 

Best piece of business advice you've been given? 
‘Get an assistant!’ – from everyone I know. 

Worst piece of advice?
‘Don’t’ and ‘You should.’ I receive unsolicited advice all of the time. People want to help while offering advice without knowing anything besides what they see from their point of view. No-one knows your operation better than you. I often listen and take the advice that applies to my brand.

Do you have a mentor?
I don’t. I do have people in the business whose success I admire. I read and find inspiration and guidelines there.

What has been the most 'wow' moment of your career thus far?
I am fortunate to have had many. CLEANSE by LAUREN NAPIER is a global brand and its launching in Australia exclusively at Mecca Trove right now. I’m currently in Australia visiting stores and meeting press - so this is a wow moment! 

How long ago did you start building your brand? What made you do it?
I think I was always on a path, but didn’t quite know it. I started out as a makeup artist and created skincare products based on my experience.  

Biggest mistake that you've learned from?
All mistakes are lessons. I have made premature decisions, based on where I see the brand’s future. The lesson there is learning to simultaneously play the short and long game.

As a woman of colour, has this affected your rise to success in any way?
I have a supreme product and that has been the catalyst for success.


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Imagery via @laurennapier