Salon Christmas retailing tips Part 2



Here’s part 2 of my salon retailing special, just in time for Christmas!

1: Sign everything
This is a crazy, often confusing time of year, so make things easier for customers who want to spoil someone with a hair or beauty treat. Use salon signage to show where everything is, and also to increase the chances of those last minute additional purchases. Product signage should include key benefits of each range; give people the information they need and they’re more likely to invest.

2: Keep it clean
Just because it’s busy, it doesn’t mean your team can ignore the increased housekeeping that often comes hand in hand with increased footfall. You won’t see dusty shelves in stores such as Selfridges or Boots, so don’t allow it to happen at the salon. If you’d rather not take up staff time, then take a tip from Jo Hansford and hire a cleaner – even if it’s just for the Christmas period.

3: Don’t forget your shop window
Just as with fashion stores, your front window is your advert to passers-by. Use the space to show off your wares – if you don’t have hair imagery, then take full advantage and share your most exciting products. Step outside the salon and look at your windows and ask yourself – would I walk into this salon? An easy way to tackle an empty window is to pick a bold theme; winter wonderland is a great one for this time of year but don't be shy with creating something that reflects your individuality - just do it to your absolute best.

4: Mirror, mirror
Mirrors aren’t just for your clients to check out their new look; they add space and dimension, and when your Christmas decorations are up, they’ll boost their beautifying effects. They’ll also make your retail areas look twice as big!

5: Light it up!
Make your windows work even harder. Add extra lighting to entice people heading home after a day at work through the dark streets; it makes the salon look enticing, and again, will highlight the hard work you’ve made with your window display. Great for grabbing those last minute, late night shoppers! 

Tips taken from the original article 20 Christmas Salon Retail Tips That Work


Salon Christmas retailing tips Part 1



While your clients are coming in for those last minute colour and cut appointments, they could also be looking out for last minute Christmas gifts. For some salons, Christmas retailing is a confusing concept to get to grips with, but it's vital that you pay attention. Putting items in the right place at the right time can have an instant impact on your profit margins. I recently put together some tips for a hair and beauty client, but realised that they might come in handy for you too... 

1: Avoid mixed messages
It’s great if you want to give customers a bargain with inexpensive stocking fillers – just make sure they’re given their own area and aren’t placed directly near to your high-end, high priced electricals!

2: Eye level = buy level
There’s no point showcasing items that you believe will be great sellers in an area that’s not within eye level. Think about browsing the aisles of your favourite stores or supermarkets; it’s usually the higher-priced items that will be placed at eye level, while own-brand, cheaper products, will be lower down. If a product’s out of reach, it’s likely to gather dust, so make sure your luxe products are placed between waist height and eye level.

3: Colour choices
It’s easy to go full-on red when it comes to Christmas retailing, but remember, red is often a colour that’s associated with discounts or sales, so think about some other, more premium tones. Rich purples, silvers and golds teamed with black can often spell luxury and decadence, while green signals an eco range and pinks and pastels are often aimed at women. That said, you don’t have to fall into traditional trends  - not all women love pink! Think about the overall effect, which is less Christmas grotto, more sophisticated, festive and fun.

4: Lighting
You can have the most amazing array of products, and yet, with the wrong lighting, you can end up keeping them hidden. Invest in soft spotlights rather than stark, flat lighting across the salon. Uplighters that can be directed on specific areas are useful, and even a coloured bulb or two can work to highlight a particularly attractive range.

5: Awaken the senses
The salon experience begins the minute someone walks into the door. Even if they’re not coming in for an appointment, you can set the tone for someone’s shopping trip with a welcome smile, and even some mulled wine. Light delicately scented candles for some festive warmth, and for goodness sake, don’t play the same Christmas hits album over and over! Keep clients – and staff – enthused with regularly updated playlists. Spotify has some great seasonal playlists.

Tips taken from the original article 20 Christmas Salon Retail Tips That Work