Salon Christmas retailing tips Part 2



Here’s part 2 of my salon retailing special, just in time for Christmas!

1: Sign everything
This is a crazy, often confusing time of year, so make things easier for customers who want to spoil someone with a hair or beauty treat. Use salon signage to show where everything is, and also to increase the chances of those last minute additional purchases. Product signage should include key benefits of each range; give people the information they need and they’re more likely to invest.

2: Keep it clean
Just because it’s busy, it doesn’t mean your team can ignore the increased housekeeping that often comes hand in hand with increased footfall. You won’t see dusty shelves in stores such as Selfridges or Boots, so don’t allow it to happen at the salon. If you’d rather not take up staff time, then take a tip from Jo Hansford and hire a cleaner – even if it’s just for the Christmas period.

3: Don’t forget your shop window
Just as with fashion stores, your front window is your advert to passers-by. Use the space to show off your wares – if you don’t have hair imagery, then take full advantage and share your most exciting products. Step outside the salon and look at your windows and ask yourself – would I walk into this salon? An easy way to tackle an empty window is to pick a bold theme; winter wonderland is a great one for this time of year but don't be shy with creating something that reflects your individuality - just do it to your absolute best.

4: Mirror, mirror
Mirrors aren’t just for your clients to check out their new look; they add space and dimension, and when your Christmas decorations are up, they’ll boost their beautifying effects. They’ll also make your retail areas look twice as big!

5: Light it up!
Make your windows work even harder. Add extra lighting to entice people heading home after a day at work through the dark streets; it makes the salon look enticing, and again, will highlight the hard work you’ve made with your window display. Great for grabbing those last minute, late night shoppers! 

Tips taken from the original article 20 Christmas Salon Retail Tips That Work


Clean up your social media!



We’re heading into a new year, and now, more than ever, much of your business success will have a lot to do with your social media presence. No need to get confused, just think about these simple suggestions and clean things up!

Know your platform
There are so many social media platforms to choose from right now, and all require some level of maintenance once you commit your brand to them. Don’t bite off more than you can chew; if you get frustrated over coming up with an Instagram caption once a day, then perhaps you don’t want to take on Facebook and Tumblr right now – or it’s time to think about working with a professional social media consultant. Think about your product; is it something that requires space to explain ingredients or steps (like recipes)? Or is it an object of beauty, such as jewellery, that could benefit from a highly visual platform, i.e. Instagram or Pinterest?  Perhaps you’re a writer or a comedian, and you want to use social media to express yourself or you want people to get to know you better? Snapchat or using live options to share instantly are a great way to build and entertain an audience – you just might want to have put in some practise beforehand! And remember; be consistent.

What’s your tone?
It’s vital that you work out what your tone should be; are you authoritative, or like a warm, big sister, or fun and quirky? This tone is something that customers come to rely on and trust, and it needs to be reflected across all of your social media platforms. If you’re the business owner and you feel like you want your brand to sound like you, go for it. As you grow, you’ll need to ensure that your tone remains, even if you end up moving some of your social media concerns to an assistant or social media manager.

What’s your message?
If you’re selling a product, again, think about your tone. There’s nothing worse than a brand that has a fun, vibrant Instagram suddenly switching it up to sell a product on Twitter and turning to robotic snippets that basically just say ‘buy me’.  Keep things consistent and you could find your social media is your biggest marketing tool. And remember, no-one expects you to be a one man/woman band; work with video producers, writers, photographers – get an intern to help share the load.