Social media should be just that: social. If the thought of spending time on Pinterest bores you, or you can't bear to bring yourself to update your LinkedIn profile, let me do it for you. I'm here to create timely tweets, bespoke Facebook campaigns, and craft beautiful/funny/inspirational Instagram posts, which can only mean more sales for you. When it comes to Social PR, I'll help you make the right impact with the audience that matters to you.


From a 300 word blog about the latest hair colour trend, to a 3,000 word report on your company's successful year, to a 60 page training brochure, I am able to write for a variety of industries, from hair and beauty to fashion and finance. Secured some editorial but haven't a clue on how to write a press release? Let me do it for you. Got a 60,000 word masterpiece that needs a new perspective and some heavy editing? Send it my way. Product descriptions, brochures, leaflets, in-house magazines, menus and manuals - let me help you with anything that involves the written word.

Also available: 
Contract Publishing
Travel Writing
Custom magazines
In-house communications


If you require help that is more focused on amassing facts, figures, statistics and other forms of research for books/papers/infographics, get in touch. Need a new pair of eyes on a media pack that's been keeping you up late at night? Use my experience in subbing and editing to breath new life into your work. Got a corporate document that's a mess? Let me revamp and revise it for you. 


With a background in Fine Art and Photography, I've always loved to play with a camera lens or two. If you want photographs that reflect who and what your brand stands for, get in touch and we can start playing with mood boards and brainstorms. (All photographs used on this site were taken by moi.) Perhaps you're a style or beauty blogger who knows how to make a great look, but isn't so great at taking a picture of it; contact me for full day and half day rates and we can catalogue your looks and really make the most of your blog.